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Posted 2019-05-03
A New Frontier: Monetary Policy with Ample Reserves Image

A New Frontier: Monetary Policy with Ample Reserves

by Scott A. Wolla

The Federal Reserve conducts the nation’s monetary policy to promote maximum employment and price stability through the federal funds rate. This issue of Page One Economics® reviews the previous framework for monetary policy and then describes the Federal Reserve’s new strategy for influencing the federal funds rate and the broader economy.

Posted 2019-04-10

Fast Cash and Payday Loans

by Jeannette N. Bennett

Payday loans are convenient and provide FAST cash to cover emergency situations or help pay a borrower’s expenses from one paycheck to the next.  But the fee-based structure of payday lending is quite different from a traditional loan, and laws vary among the states. The April 2019 edition of Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance takes a look at the structure and fees that make these loans costly. 

Posted 2019-03-01

How Economics Informs Environmental Policy: A Case Study of Shale Gas and Oil

by David F. Perkis

When setting environmental policy, regulators may cap the amount of a pollutant allowed, charge per unit emitted, or ban it outright. The March 2019 Issue of Page One Economics® explores these policy options and how they may apply to the booming U.S. shale gas and oil industry.

Posted 2019-02-01

Cars and Cash: What To Know Before You Go

by Kris Bertelsen

What do you need to know before buying a car? Aside from knowing what you want in a vehicle, you’ll need to know about budgeting and credit before you start shopping. Learn some car-buying basics in the February 2019 Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance essay.

Posted 2019-01-02

Will Your Smartphone Get You a Job?

by Mark Bayles

App-driven jobs allow workers to decide when, where, and how much to work—one “gig” at a time. Learn more about this new employment trend in the January 2019 issue of Page One Economics®.

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