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Posted 2022-09-01
Income and Wealth Inequality Image

Income and Wealth Inequality

by Diego Mendez-Carbajo

Income and wealth are becoming more unequal over time. The September 2022 issue of Page One Economics® discusses how income and wealth inequality are measured, what drives differences among individuals and households, and how growing inequality may affect the overall economy.

Posted 2022-08-01

Data Revisions with FRED®

by Diego Mendez-Carbajo

This Page One Economics Data Primer describes the reasons data are revised and updated. More accurate data facilitate better decisionmaking. 

Posted 2022-05-06

How Does the Fed Use Its Monetary Policy Tools to Influence the Economy?

by Jane Ihrig and Scott A. Wolla

The Federal Reserve has a congressional mandate to promote maximum employment and price stability. This issue of Page One Economics® explains how the FOMC conducts monetary policy by setting the target range for the federal funds rate and how the Fed uses its policy tools to steer the federal funds rate into the FOMC’s target range. 

Posted 2022-04-01

The Endowment Effect

by Andrea J. Caceres-Santamaria

Shopping for and owning things are exciting and emotional experiences. We take time and energy thinking about what to buy and the role it will play in our lives. In this Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance article, we look at the endowment effect—how we place more value on items we own than on items we don’t.   

Posted 2022-03-01

Examining Racial Wealth Inequality

by Ana H. Kent, Nikki Lanier, David F. Perkis, and Claire James

This issue of Page One Economics® covers the topics of income and wealth through the lens of racial inequality. Learn the difference between income and wealth, how the racial wealth gap has endured over time, and the reasons that certain groups have been limited in their wealth-building potential.

Posted 2022-02-01

On the Move: Mortgage Basics

by Kris Bertelsen

Buying a home is a major financial decision, and for young people in particular the entire process can seem overwhelming. Learn about mortgages and the steps people can take early in life to prepare themselves financially to buy a home, in this February 2022 issue of Page One Economics: Focus on Finance.

Posted 2022-01-10

The Importance of Diverse Perspectives: Strategies for Supporting Women in Economics

by Aine Ackley, Mary Suiter, and Scott A. Wolla

There is a lack of diversity in the field on economics, which limits the range of perspectives during research and policy discussions. Without diverse perspectives, economists are in danger of not identifying key parts of a problem and not considering a full array of solutions. This Women in Economics special issue of Page One Economics presents the case that diversity among economists is needed to gain a wider perspective during economic research and policy development.

Posted 2022-01-03

Gender and Labor Markets

by Diego Mendez-Carbajo

Interactions between employers and employees in the labor market underpin all production activities. The January 2022 issue of Page One Economics® discusses how gender influences workers’ experiences in the labor market, including their decisions to participate in the market, the types of jobs they hold, their decisions to exit the market, and ultimately their earnings.