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Posted 2024-05-03
Exploring the Dynamics of Unemployment Image

Exploring the Dynamics of Unemployment

by Andrea J. Caceres-Santamaria

This article uses Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Population Survey data to examine labor market trends and the experiences of new entrants, re-entrants, job leavers, and job losers, highlighting how each group's behavior differs over time and during economic downturns. 

Posted 2024-04-01

How Does the Gig Economy Support Entrepreneurship?

by Scott A. Wolla

This essay discusses the relationship between entrepreneurship and the gig economy: When an entrepreneur’s income is sometimes lacking or unstable, the gig economy offers opportunities to supplement and smooth income.

Posted 2024-03-01

The Inflation Rate Is Falling, but Prices Are Not

by Mary Clare Peate

This article explains the seeming paradox we see in our economy: The inflation rate is falling, but prices continue to increase. Read more to help disentangle the concepts of inflation, disinflation, deflation, and the CPI.

Posted 2024-02-01

Retirement Account Basics: Why You’re Never Too Young to Start Thinking About Retirement

by Amanda Geiger

Explore the basics of common retirement savings plans, including employer-based plans and options for small businesses and self-employed individuals, in this issue of Page One Economics.

Posted 2024-01-02

Payment Systems Evolution: How Does Money Move from a Buyer to Seller?

by Mike Kaiman

With the click of a button or swipe of a card, money can flow into and out of bank accounts without hesitation. This Page One Economics article examines what it takes for that money to move quickly and reliably to and from accounts, and how a new service developed by the Federal Reserve can contribute to US payment systems.