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Posted 2019-04-10
Fast Cash and Payday Loans Image

Fast Cash and Payday Loans

by Jeannette N. Bennett

Payday loans are convenient and provide FAST cash to cover emergency situations or help pay a borrower’s expenses from one paycheck to the next.  But the fee-based structure of payday lending is quite different from a traditional loan, and laws vary among the states. The April 2019 edition of Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance takes a look at the structure and fees that make these loans costly. 

Posted 2019-03-01

How Economics Informs Environmental Policy: A Case Study of Shale Gas and Oil

by David F. Perkis

When setting environmental policy, regulators may cap the amount of a pollutant allowed, charge per unit emitted, or ban it outright. The March 2019 Issue of Page One Economics® explores these policy options and how they may apply to the booming U.S. shale gas and oil industry.

Posted 2019-02-01

Cars and Cash: What To Know Before You Go

by Kris Bertelsen

What do you need to know before buying a car? Aside from knowing what you want in a vehicle, you’ll need to know about budgeting and credit before you start shopping. Learn some car-buying basics in the February 2019 Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance essay.

Posted 2019-01-02

Will Your Smartphone Get You a Job?

by Mark Bayles

App-driven jobs allow workers to decide when, where, and how much to work—one “gig” at a time. Learn more about this new employment trend in the January 2019 issue of Page One Economics®.

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