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James Bullard Photo

James Bullard

President and Chief Executive Officer

Christopher J. Waller Photo

Christopher J. Waller

Executive Vice President

Recent Economist Hires

Julian Kozlowski Photo

Julian Kozlowski


All Staff Research Fellows Visiting Scholars Emeritus

The list below is a selected sample of scholars who have visited the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

For a list of seminar speakers, please go to Past Seminars.

Richard Anderson Photo

Richard Anderson


David Andolfatto Photo

David Andolfatto

Senior Vice President

Costas Azariadis Photo

Costas Azariadis

Research Fellow

Subhayu Bandyopadhyay Photo

Subhayu Bandyopadhyay

Research Officer

Aleksander Berentsen Photo

Aleksander Berentsen

Research Fellow

YiLi Chien Photo

YiLi Chien

Research Officer

In-Koo Cho Photo

In-Koo Cho

Research Fellow

Cletus C. Coughlin Photo

Cletus C. Coughlin

Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff

Riccardo DiCecio Photo

Riccardo DiCecio

Senior Economist and Special Assistant to the President

Bill Dupor Photo

Bill Dupor

Assistant Vice President

Carlos Garriga Photo

Carlos Garriga

Vice President

William T. Gavin Photo

William T. Gavin


George-Levi Gayle Photo

George-Levi Gayle

Research Fellow

R. Alton Gilbert Photo

R. Alton Gilbert


Limor Golan Photo

Limor Golan

Research Fellow

Sungki Hong Photo

Sungki Hong


Charles Kahn Photo

Charles Kahn

Research Fellow

Kevin L. Kliesen Photo

Kevin L. Kliesen

Business Economist and Research Officer

Fernando Leibovici Photo

Fernando Leibovici


Oksana Leukhina Photo

Oksana Leukhina

Senior Economist

David Levine Photo

David Levine

Research Fellow

Rodolfo Manuelli Photo

Rodolfo Manuelli

Research Fellow

Fernando M. Martin Photo

Fernando M. Martin

Research Officer

Michael W. McCracken Photo

Michael W. McCracken

Assistant Vice-President

Alexander Monge-Naranjo Photo

Alexander Monge-Naranjo

Research Officer

Christopher J. Neely Photo

Christopher J. Neely

Vice President

Christopher Otrok Photo

Christopher Otrok

Research Fellow

Michael T. Owyang Photo

Michael T. Owyang

Assistant Vice President

B. Ravikumar Photo

B. Ravikumar

Senior Vice President and Deputy Director of Research

Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria Photo

Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria

Senior Economist

Juan M. Sánchez Photo

Juan M. Sánchez

Assistant Vice President

Don Schlagenhauf Photo

Don Schlagenhauf


Yongseok Shin Photo

Yongseok Shin

Research Fellow

Guillaume Vandenbroucke Photo

Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Research Officer

Ping Wang Photo

Ping Wang

Research Fellow

Yi Wen Photo

Yi Wen

Assistant Vice President

David C. Wheelock Photo

David C. Wheelock

Group Vice President and Deputy Director of Research

Christian Zimmermann Photo

Christian Zimmermann

Assistant Vice President of Research Information Services

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