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R. Alton Gilbert

Vice President and Banking Economics Advisor


Ph.D. Economics
Texas A&M University

B.A. Economics
Lamar University

Contact Info

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Laura Taylor
Phone: (314) 444-8783

Journal Publications

"Can Feedback From The Jumbo-CD Market Improve Bank Surveillance?"
with Andrew P. Meyer and Mark D. Vaughan.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly, 92(2), pp. 135-75, Spring 2006.
Working Paper

"New Evidence On The Fed's Productivity In Providing Payments Services,"
with David C. Wheelock and Paul Wilson.
Journal of Banking and Finance, 28(9), pp. 2175-90, September 2004.
Working Paper

"The Importance Of Scale Economies And Geographic Diversification In Community Bank Mergers,"
with William R. Emmons and Timothy J. Yeager.
Journal of Financial Services Research, 25(2-3), pp. 259-81, April 2004.
Working Paper

"Reducing the Risk at Small Community Banks: Is it Size or Geographic Diversification that Matters?"
with William R. Emmons and Timothy J. Yeager
Journal of Financial Services Research, April 2004, 25(2-3), pp. 259-81.

"The Role Of A CAMEL Downgrade Model In Bank Surveillance,"
with Andrew P. Meyer and Mark D. Vaughan.
Research in Financial Services: Public and Private Policy, 14(1), January 2002.
Working Paper

"Do Depositors Care About Enforcement Actions?"
with Mark D. Vaughan.
Journal of Economics and Business, 53(2/3), pp. 283-311, March/June 2001.
Working Paper

"Effects Of Federal Reserve Services On The Efficiency Of The System For Collecting Checks In The United States: 1915-30."
Explorations in Economic History, 37(2), pp. 121-48, April 2000.
Working Paper

"The Effects Of Federal Credit Programs On Farm Output,"
with Michael T. Belongia.
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 72(3), pp. 769-73, August 1990.
Working Paper


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