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Learning Week 2007

July 16-20, 2007

Schedule of events and participants

Conference Presentations*

Monday, July 16 — Learning and the Global Economy

"On Learnability of E-Stable Equilibria"
Atanas Christev, Heriot-Watt University, presenter
Sergey Slobodyan, CERGE-EI

"Adaptive Learning with a Unit Root: An Application to the Current Account"
Ron Davies, University of Oregon
Paul Shea, University of Oregon, presenter

"Learning, Forward Premium Anomaly and Delayed Overshooting"
Young Se Kim, University of North Texas, presenter

"Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty and Exchange Rate Volatility"
Agnieszka Markiewicz, University of Cambridge and Catholic University of Leuven, presenter

"The Cost of Imperfect Knowledge and Monetary Policy Design in an Open Economy"
Yu-chin Chen, University of Washington Seattle
Pisut Kulthanavit, University of Washington Seattle, presenter

Tuesday, July 17 — Moderations and Bubbles

"Increasing Returns, Learning and Beneficial Tax Competition"
Seppo Honkapohja, University of Cambridge
Arja H. Turunen-Red, University of New Orleans, presenter

"Learning and the Great Moderation"
James Bullard, Federal Reserve Band of St. Louis
Aarti Singh, Washington University in St. Louis, presenter

"Learning, Macroeconomic Dynamics and the Great Moderation"
Alejandro Justiniano, Board of Governors
Bruce Preston, Columbia University, presenter

"Learning About Risk and Return: A Simple Model of Bubbles and Crashes"
William Branch, University of California—Irvine, presenter
George Evans, University of Oregon

"Learning and Dynamic Inefficiency"
John Duffy, University of Pittsburgh, presenter
S. Cem Karaman, University of Pittsburgh

Wednesday, July 18 — Monetary Policy

"Interest Rate Rules, Learning and Determinacy of Equilibrium"
John Duffy, University of Pittsburgh
Wei Xiao, SUNY Binghamton, presenter

"Investment, Interest Rate Policy, and Equilibrium Stability"
Takushi Kurozumi, Bank of Japan, presenter
Willem Van Zandweghe, Carnegie Mellon

"A New Keynesian Model with Heterogeneous Expectations"
William Branch, University of California—Irvine
Bruce McGough, Oregon State University, presenter

"Announcement of Future Policy Intentions and Learning"
Giuseppe Ferrero, Bank of Italy, presenter
Alessandro Secchi, Bank of Italy

"Adaptive Learning as a Propagation Mechanism"
Stefano Eusepi, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, presenter
Bruce Preston, Columbia University

"Liquidity Traps, Learning and Stagnation"
George Evans, University of Oregon
Eran Guse, University of Cambridge, presenter
Seppo Honkapohja, University of Cambridge

Thursday, July 19 — Learning Dynamics

"Formation of Rationally Heterogeneous Expectations"
Damjan Pfajfar, University of Cambridge, presenter

"Stability Theorems for Macroeconomic Systems with Bayesian Learners"
James Bulllard, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Jacek Suda, Washington University in St. Louis, presenter

"Stability of Learning with Private Information"
Maik Heinemann, University of Luneburg, presenter

"Anticipated Fiscal Policy and Adaptive Learning"
George Evans, University of Oregon
Seppo Honkapohja, University of Cambridge, presenter
Kaushik Mitra, University of St. Andrews

"An Evolutionary Route to Rational Expectations"
William Parke, University of North Carolina
George Waters, Illinois State University, presenter

"Monetary Policy Under Shifting Policymaker Preferences"
William Branch, University of California—Irvine
Troy Davig, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, presenter
Bruce McGough, Oregon State University

Friday, July 20 — Estimation and Investment

"Learning Dynamics in an Estimated Medium-Sized DSGE Model"
Sergey Slobodyan, CERGE-EI, presenter
Raf Wouters, National Bank of Belgium

"Robust Monetary Policy with Imperfect Knowledge"
Athanasios Orphanides, Central Bank of Cyprus, presenter
John Williams, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

"Empirical Significance of Learning in a New Keynesian Model with Firm-Specific Capital" (links off site)
James Murray, Indiana University, presenter

*Presentations will be added to this site as they become available.