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FRED Adds 2 Inflation Series

FRED has added two daily inflation series for the U.S. and Argentina constructed from prices posted on public retail websites. These series are provided by State Street and PriceStats.

FRED Adds Experimental CPI Data

FRED has added 9 series from the CPI-E release, an experimental price index for Americans 62 years of age and older calculated by the BLS. NOTE: Users should consider the limitations of this experimental index, which are noted on the BLS release page.

FRED Expands G.17 Data with 1,857 Series

FRED has added 1,857 series to its Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization (G.17) dataset from the Board of Governors. The new monthly and quarterly series include industrial production and the related capacity indexes and capacity utilization rates.

-0.1 % Chg. from Yr. Ago on 2015-02
5.5 % on 2015-02
2.01 % on 2015-03-26
+2.2 %, Comp. Annual Rate of Chg. on 2014:Q4
+0.1 % Chg. on 2015-02
+295 Chg., Thous. of Persons on 2015-02


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