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Download and graph vintage data from our FRED database.

Job opportunities offered by the Economic Research Division of the FRB of St. Louis.
Blog aggregator for economics research.

View information and vitas of the current economists at the FRB of St. Louis.

The excellent economic analysis you expect, now with the advantages of a free mobile app

Directory of economics institutions.

Education Resources
Classroom resources for elementary, middle-school, high-school, and college educators.

Information on conferences, seminars, and workshops sponsored by the Economic Research Division.

A digital library of historic U.S. economic and banking publications.

Federal Reserve Economic Data - Download, graph, and track over series from over sources.

Use FRED data in your own applications.

FRED® Add-in for Microsoft® Excel®
Load FRED data directly into Excel using this add-in.

FRED® Mobile Apps
Access FRED data on the go using our iOS and Android apps.

FRED® Widget
Embed FRED data in your website or blog.

Create thematic maps using FRED data at state, MSA, and county levels.

A bibliographic database consisting of economic research from over one million academic articles and papers.

Map of Failed Banks - 2007 to Present
As map of failed banks from 2007 to the present. (A bank failure is the closing of a bank by a federal or state banking regulatory agency. Typically, a bank is closed when it becomes critically undercapitalized or is unable to meet its obligations to depositors and others.
Data Sources: FDIC and NIC.)

Map of TARP Fund Distribution
A map of the financial institutions that are receiving funds from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) established under the EESA with the specific goal of stabilizing the United States financial system and preventing a systemic collapse.  Treasury has established several programs under the TARP to stabilize the financial system and has now created the Financial Stability Program to further stabilize the financial system, restore the flow of credit to consumers and businesses and tackle the foreclosure crisis to keep millions of Americans in their homes.
Data Sources: The US Department of the Treasury and NIC.

Monetary Aggregates
Data and information relating to monetary aggregates.

Page One Economics
Offers the story and data behind the economics, including a newsletter and a data "starter set" from our popular FRED website.

Publications produced by the Economic Research Division of FRB of St. Louis including Review, Economic Synopses, Burgundy Books, and several data trends publications.

Regional Economics
An overview of the 8th District's economy.

RePEc Author Service
Facility for economic authors to create an online profile and obtain download and citation statistics.

RePEc Biblio
RePEc Biblio is an open, collaborative forum for cataloging economic research in increasingly specific categories. Site editors manage the process of identifying the 10-20 most important papers for each topic.

RePEc Genealogy
This project tries to document, within the field of economics, who was a student of whom, when and where.

Working Papers
Downloadable working papers written by past and current economists of the FRB of St. Louis.

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