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August/September 1986

Posted 1986-08-01

The Discount Rate and Market Interest Rates: Theory and Evidence

by Daniel L. Thornton

Daniel L. Thornton discusses the theoretical links between the Federal Reserve’s discount rate and market interest rates and presents some empirical evidence on the extent of this link. He finds that, both in theory and practice, the direct relationship between the discount rate and money market rates is extremely weak.

Posted 1986-08-01

A Microeconomic System-Wide Approach to the Estimation of the Demand for Money

by Salam K. Fayyad

Salam K. Fayyad describes how the microeconomic system-wide approach to money demand differs from the usual money demand specifications. Using a neoclassical utility function defined over five expenditure categories, two of which are presumed to capture the flow of “monetary services,” he demonstrates how the microeconomic system-wide approach can be implemented.