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2023 / No. 5
Posted 2023-03-27

Income Segregation and Income Inequality

by Hannah Rubinton and Maggie Isaacson

This essay examines the relationship between income inequality and income segregation in the 100 largest cities in the United States.

2023 / No. 4
Posted 2023-03-08

The Evolution of Job Applications and Job-Finding Rates since the 1980s

by Serdar Birinci, Kurt See, and Shu Lin Wee

The number of monthly job applications has increased since the 1980s, but the job-finding rates have not. 

2023 / No. 3
Posted 2023-02-23

From Ye Olde Stagnation to Modern Growth in England

by Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Modern economic growth is a relatively recent phenomenon in history, but what led economies out of stagnation?

2023 / No. 2
Posted 2023-01-20

The Allocation of Immigrant Talent Across Countries: Earnings Gaps

by Serdar Birinci, Fernando Leibovici, and Kurt See

Immigrants are not only overrepresented in lower-paying jobs but are also paid less on average than native counterparts.

2023 / No. 1
Posted 2023-01-06

Professional Forecasters’ Outlook for 2023 and Caveats Based on Past Performance

by Charles S. Gascon

Individuals, businesses, and policymakers plan for the future by looking at possible changes in the economy, including income, the labor market, and interest rates. They may also seek guidance from professional forecasters.