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These brief essays delve into the economic issues of the day for a generally informed readership.

2018 / No. 5
Posted 2018-03-09

On the Supply of, and Demand for, U.S. Treasury Debt

by David Andolfatto and Andrew Spewak

Demand for Treasuries increased during and after the financial crisis, but may be slowing.

2018 / No. 4
Posted 2018-03-02

Here’s Why U.S. Manufacturing Is Fundamentally Strong

by Kevin L. Kliesen and John A. Tatom

U.S. manufacturing’s slump is largely due to the poor performance of the overall economy.

2018 / No. 3
Posted 2018-02-16

Comparing Japan’s Lost Decade with the U.S. Great Recession

by Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Is the United States headed for a “lost decade” similar to Japan’s?

2018 / No. 2
Posted 2018-02-07

Manufacturing and Service Sector Roles in the Evolution of Innovation and Productivity

by Ana Maria Santacreu and Heting Zhu

How services contribute to innovation and productivity may determine how economies develop and industrialize.

2018 / No. 1
Posted 2018-02-02

Trade Adjusts Gradually After Trade Liberalization

by Fernando Leibovici and Jonas Crews

Imports increase more rapidly than exports in the short-run.

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