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2022 / No. 11
Posted 2022-05-12

Supply Chain Disruptions and Inflation During COVID-19

by Ana Maria Santacreu and Jesse LaBelle

Supply chain disruptions have contributed to large increases in PPI inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 / No. 10
Posted 2022-04-27

The Russian Invasion, Oil and Gasoline Prices, and Recession

by Christopher J. Neely

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has substantially increased commodity prices, increasing risk to global economic activity.

2022 / No. 9
Posted 2022-04-04

Geographic Dispersion in U.S. Employment

by B. Ravikumar, Iris Arbogast, and Jesse LaBelle

In the U.S., 112 of more than 3,000 counties accounted for 50% of employment in 2020.

2022 / No. 8
Posted 2022-03-29

Hires and Separations During the COVID-19 Crisis by Firm Size

by Serdar Birinci and Aaron Amburgey

The negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis were larger for firms with under 50 employees, even with loans from the Paycheck Protection Program.

2022 / No. 7
Posted 2022-03-28

The Large Gap in Stock Market Participation Between Black and White Households

by Julie Bennett and YiLi Chien

White households participate in the stock market far more than Black households, contributing to the large wealth gap between them.

2022 / No. 6
Posted 2022-03-21

The COVID-19 New Business Boom

by Guillaume Vandenbroucke and Victoria Yin

Business applications increased across all sectors in the 12 months after February 2020, but the retail trade sector saw the largest increase.

2022 / No. 5
Posted 2022-03-18

Inflation and Shipping Costs

by Hannah Rubinton and Maggie Isaacson

Imports that are more reliant on ocean freight have seen higher import price inflation since the start of the pandemic.

2022 / No. 4
Posted 2022-03-04

The Great Resignation vs. The Great Reallocation: Industry-Level Evidence

by Serdar Birinci and Aaron Amburgey

Some workers have experienced the Great Resignation, but others have gone through the Great Reallocation— transferring from one job to another.

2022 / No. 3
Posted 2022-02-16

School District Expenditures and Race

by Hannah Rubinton and Maggie Isaacson

On average, spending per student is very similar for Black and White students, yet schools with a higher share of Black students spend less per student on instruction.

2022 / No. 2
Posted 2022-02-09

Supply Chain Disruptions During the COVID-19 Recession

by Ana Maria Santacreu and Jesse LaBelle

A combination of demand and supply forces caused unprecedented supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 recession and recovery.

2022 / No. 1
Posted 2022-01-06

Asset Returns and Labor Force Participation During COVID-19

by Miguel Faria e Castro

One factor that may have enabled an increase in retirements during the pandemic was rising asset values during this period.