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Ping Wang

Research Fellow

Contact Info

Fax: (314) 444-8731

Personal Website

Mailing Address:
Department of Economics
Campus Box 1208
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Ping Wang

Research Fellow

Forthcoming Publications

"Rural-Urban Migration and House Prices in China"
with Carlos Garriga, Aaron Hedlund, and  Yang Tang
Regional Science and Urban Economics

Journal Publications

"Public Policy and Human Capital Accumulation in an Endogenously Growing Economy with Labor-Market Frictions"
with  Been-Lon Chen and  Hung-Ju Chen
International Economic Review, February 2011, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 131-160

"Inflation, Time Allocation and Welfare in a Multiple-Matching Model of Money"
with  Derek Laing and  V. Li
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2007, Vol. 54, pp. 1949-1961

"Economic Integration and Agglomeration in a Middle Product Economy"
with  S. Peng and  J. Thisse
Journal of Economic Theory, 2006, Vol. 131, pp. 1-25

"Educational Policy in a Credit Constrained Economy with Skill Heterogeneity"
with  J. Fender
International Economic Review, 2003, Vol. 44, pp. 939-964

"The Economics of New Blood"
with  Derek Laing and  T. Palivos
Journal of Economic Theory, 2003, Vol. 112, pp. 106-156

"Production Externalities and Urban Configuration"
with  M. Berliant and  S. Peng
Journal of Economic Theory, 2002, Vol. 104, pp. 275-303

"A General Two-Sector Model of Endogenous Growth with Human and Physical Capital: Balanced Growth and Transitional Dynamics"
with  E. Bond and  C. Yip
Journal of Economic Theory, 1996, Vol. 68, pp. 149-173

"Learning, Matching, and Growth"
with  Derek Laing and  T. Palivos
Review of Economic Studies, 1995, Vol. 62, pp. 115-129

"Human Capital and Endogenous Growth: Evidence from Taiwan"
with  Ellis W. Tallman
Journal of Monetary Economics, 1994, Vol. 34, pp. 101-124

"International Business Cycles"
with  S. Ahmed,  B. Ickes, and  S. Yoo
American Economic Review, 1993, Vol. 83, pp. 335-359