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Limor Golan

Research Fellow

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 935-9278
Fax: (314) 935-4156

Forthcoming Publications

FORTHCOMING: "Promotion, Turnover and Compensation in the Executive Labor Market"
with George-Levi Gayle and Robert A. Miller,


Journal Publications

"Competition, Managerial Slack, and Corporate Governance”
with C. Parlour and U. Rajan.
Review of Corporate Finance Studies, March 2015, Vol 4(1), pp 43-68.

"Gender Differences in Executive Compensation and Job Mobility,"
with George-Levi Gayle and Robert A. Miller,
Journal of Labor Economics, Vol 30(4), October 2012, pp. 829-71

"Experimentation and Job Choice"
with Kate Antonovics,
Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 30(2), April 2012, pp. 333-66

"Estimating a Dynamic Adverse Selection Model: Labor Force Experience and the Changing Gender Earnings Gap"
with George-Levi Gayle,
Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 79(1) , January 2012, pp. 227-67

"Wage Signaling: A Dynamic Model of Intrafirm Bargaining and Asymmetric Learning,"
International Economics Review, Vol 50, August 2009, pp. 831-54.

"Counteroffers and Efficiency in Competitive Labor Markets with Asymmetric Information,"
Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 29, April 2005, pp. 373-393.


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