Maximiliano A. Dvorkin

Standard Vita



Ph.D., Economics
Yale University

M.Phil., Economics
Yale University

M.A., Economics
Yale University

M. Sc., Economics

B. Sc., Economics
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Argentina

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-8819
Fax: (314) 444-8731

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Laura Girresch
Office: (314) 444-6166
Cell: (314) 348-3639

Maximiliano A. Dvorkin



Working Papers

"Sectoral Shocks, Reallocation and Unemployment in Competitive Labor Markets"

Works in Progress

"Reallocation, Mismatch and Cyclical Unemployment"

"Spatial Sorting and Superstar Cities"

"Optimal Taxation and Fiscal Federalism”"


Seminar and Conference Presentations

Society for Economic Dynamics, Seoul, June 2013

MOOD Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics, EIEF Rome, July 2013

Matching, Theory and Estimation, Sciences Po, Paris, September 2013


Fellowships, Honors and Awards

Carlos Diaz Alejandro Fellowship, Yale University, 2011-2013

Cowles Foundation Fellowship, Yale University, 2008-2012

Top Student Award, CEMFI, 2006

Fundación Carolina and BBVA Fellowship, Spain, 2004-2006

Top Student in Economics Award, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, 2005


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