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YiLi Chien

Research Officer


Ph.D. Economics
University of California, Los Angeles

C.Phil Economics
University of California, Los Angeles

M.A. Economics
National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan

B.A. Economics
National TsingHua University (NTHU), HsinChu, Taiwan

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-4617
Fax: (314) 444-8731

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries, contact:
Shera Dalin
Phone: (314) 444-3911

YiLi Chien

Research Officer

Selected Publications

"Implications Of Heterogeneity in Preferences, Beliefs and Asset Trading Technologies in An Endowment Economy"
with  Harold L. Cole and  Hanno Lustig
Review of Economic Dynamics, April 2016, Vol. 20, pp. 215-239
Working Paper

"The Risk Premium and Long-run Global Imbalances"
with  Kanda Naknoi
Journal of Monetary Economics, November 2015, Vol. 76, pp. 299-315
Working Paper

"Understanding The Distributional Impact of Long-Run Inflation"
with  Gabriele Camera
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, September 2014, Vol. 46, No. 6, pp. 1137-1170
Working Paper

"Is the Volatility of the Market Price of Risk Due to Intermittent Portfolio Re-balancing?"
with  Harold L. Cole and  Hanno Lustig
American Economic Review, Oct 2012, Vol. 102, No. 6, pp. 2859-2896
Program code

"A Multiplier Approach to Understanding the Macro Implications of Household Finance"
with  Harold L. Cole and  Hanno Lustig
Review of Economic Studies, January 2011, Vol. 78, No. 1, pp. 199-234
Program code