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Housing-Urban-Labor-Macro (HULM) Conference

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Washington University at St. Louis, and University of Wisconsin-Madison
September 10-11, 2010, at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Program Information

2010 Fall Conference Sponsors

Please note that attendance is by invitation only.

To request to attend the conference, or for information about the conference or help with hotel reservations, please contact Sandra Butler at, (314) 444-8591, or 1-800-333-0810, ext. 44-8591.

Further Information

Conference Program

Friday, September 10

"House Prices and Risk Sharing"

 Presenter:Maria Luengo-Prado, Northeastern University
  (with Ben Sorensen and D. Hryshko)
 Discussant:José Fillat

"Land Use Regulation and Welfare"

 Presenter:Matt Turner, University of Toronto
  (with Andrew Haughwout and Wilbert van der Klaauw)
 Discussant:Chris Cunningham

"Directed Search in the Housing Market"

 Presenters:Jim Albrecht/Susan Vroman, Georgetown University
  (with Pieter Gautier)
 Discussant:Allen Head

"Spatial Development"

 Presenter:Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University
  (with Klaus Desmet)
 Discussant:Vernon Henderson

"Spatial Sorting: Why New York, Los Angeles and Detroit attract the greatest minds as well as the unskilled"

 Presenter:Jan Eeckhout, University of Pennsylvania and Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  (with Roberto Pinheiro and Kurt Schmidheiny)
 Discussant:Yannis Ioannides
 "Recourse and Mortgage Defaults"
 Presenter:Juan Carlos Hatchondo, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  (with Juan Sanchez and Leonardo Martinez)
 Discussant:Don Schlagenhauf
 "$1.25 Trillion is Still Real Money: Some Facts About the Effects of the Federal Reserve's Mortgage Market Investments"
 Presenter:Paul Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  (with Andreas Fuster)
 Discussant:Andra Ghent, Baruch CUNY
Saturday, September 11
 "Shocks, Time-to-Train, and Optimal Government Spending"
 Presenter:Adrian Peralta-Alva, Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis
  (with Rody Manuelli)
 Discussant:Erwan Quintin
 "The Housing Market(s) in San Diego"
 Presenter:Monika Piazzesi, Stanford University
  (with Tim Landvoigt and Martin Schneider)
 Discussant:François Ortalo-Magné

"Interest Accumulation in Retirement Home Equity Products"

 Presenter:Tom Davidoff, University of British Columbia
 Discussant:Alvin Murphy