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November/December 2010

Posted 2010-11-01

Quantitative Easing: Entrance and Exit Strategies

by Alan S. Blinder

This article was originally presented as the Homer Jones Memorial Lecture, organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, April 1, 2010.

Posted 2010-11-01

Doubling Your Monetary Base and Surviving: Some International Experience

by Richard G. Anderson, Charles S. Gascon, and Yang Liu

The authors examine the experience of selected central banks that have used large-scale balance-sheet expansion, frequently referred to as "quantitative easing," as a monetary policy instrument.

Posted 2010-11-01


by Gary Gorton and Andrew Metrick

"When confidence is lost, liquidity dries up." The authors investigate the meaning of "confidence" and "liquidity" in the context of the recent financial crisis, which they maintain is a manifestation of an age-old problem with private money creation: banking panics.

Posted 2010-11-01

Forecasting with Mixed Frequencies

by Michelle T. Armesto, Kristie M. Engemann, and Michael T. Owyang

A dilemma faced by forecasters is that data are not all sampled at the same frequency. Most macroeconomic data are sampled monthly (e.g., employment) or quarterly (e.g., GDP). Most financial variables (e.g., interest rates and asset prices), on the other hand, are sampled daily or even more frequently. The challenge is how to best use available data.