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September/October 1999, 
Vol. 81, No. 5
Posted 1999-09-01

Measuring Monetary Policy Inertia in Target Fed Funds Rate Changes

by Michael J. Dueker

Recent research has grappled with an apparent paradox: Why would a central bank that is focused primarily on inflation control exhibit signs of inertia when making policy adjustments? The author argues that fully characterizing the policy inertia is a precondition towards resolving the apparent paradox. He also presents empirical estimates of adjustments to the target federal funds rate that take into account two facets of policy inertia: a partial-adjustment mechanism and thresholds for making discrete changes to the target federal funds rate. He notes that, with a more complete picture of the policy inertia, subsequent research can investigate whether policy appears to display either too much or the right amount of inertia.