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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Hours and Wages: Bill Dupor and Alexander Bick

Economist and vice president Bill Dupor has researched the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to analyze the effect of government spending on consumer spending. His article—with coauthors Marios Karabarbounis, Marianna Kudlyak, and M. Saif Mehkaris—is forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies. An earlier version of the article, "Regional Consumption Responses and the Aggregate Fiscal Multiplier," can be found in the St. Louis Fed's working paper series.

Economist and Research officer Alexander Bick joined the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in 2022. He has studied the distribution of weekly hours and hourly wages and published related work with Adam Blandin and Richard Rogerson in the Quarterly Journal of Economics in 2022. A previous version of the article, "Hours and Wages," was added to our working paper series earlier that year.