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New Additions to the Research Division

The St. Louis Fed's Research Division is ranked in the top 1% of all economics research departments worldwide, thanks to the scholarly work of our economists.

This summer, Yu-Ting Chiang joined the division as a Research Economist after receiving his Ph.D. in economics and finance from the University of Chicago. His research interests include information economics and macro-finance.

Other researchers joining the Division this year:

  • Serdar Ozkan, an associate professor of economics at the University of Toronto, has been appointed to a visiting Research officer position as of August 2021.
  • Siddhartha Sanghi, a post-doctoral researcher in labor, health, and entrepreneurship, has joined the Division as an associate economist as of June 2021
  • Nathan Jefferson, a business economist focusing on the Eighth District regional economy, also joined the Division as an associate economist as of May 2021

Recent additions to the economist staff can always be found on our economists page. Research by our economists can be found in our working paper series, our publications, the St. Louis Fed's On the Economy blog, and on individual economists' pages.