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Economic Synopses

Short essays on the economic issues of the day written for a generally informed readership.

2015, No. 6

Jobs: More Slowly Created, More Slowly Destroyed

Reduced dynamism in the labor market is consistent not only with more stable, longer-lived jobs but also longer joblessness and less job switching.


2015, No. 5

Measuring Labor Productivity: Technology and the Labor Supply

GDP per hour (rather than GDP per capita) better measures labor productivity.


2015, No. 4

Firm Size and Employment Dynamics

Large firms have been creating a significantly higher fraction of jobs since the Great Recession.


2015, No. 3

Are Oil Price Declines Good for the Economy?

As expected, falling crude oil prices lead to falling gasoline prices and lower inflation.


2015, No. 2

The Economic Fundamentals of Emerging Market Volatility

Countries with weaker economic fundamentals experienced higher currency volatility and capital flows.


2015, No. 1

Global Monetary Policy Amidst Deflationary Concerns

Fear of demand-driven deflation calls for expansionary economic policies.


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