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How to Save Graphs using 'FRED® Graph'

Graphs of economic data in FRED® can be customized and saved in FRED Graph. Later, you can revisit the site to add updated data to your previously saved graphs. Below is a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Login to your user account (you must have a user account to save graphs). If you do not have a user account, please see:

    Register User Account
    My Account Help

  2. For this tutorial we will create a new graph using the FRED data series 'GDPC1, Real Gross Domestic Product, 1 Decimal.' We will change the format to 'Percent Change from 1 Year Ago,' set the custom date range to '1950-01-01 through 2006-10-01,' add the series 'INDPRO (Industrial Production Index)' and choose the option 'Same Scale.'

    Click 'Refresh Graph' to display the graph with these new settings. Next, click 'Save Graph.'

    Save Fred Graph

  3. The next page allows you to create a name for the graph.

    Also choose how the date range of your saved graph will be displayed whenever it is accessed:
    • Display the date range with the start date that was defined when the graph was saved and add new observations as they update, or
    • Display the date range as defined when the graph was saved, even if new observations are added.

    You also have the option to place the graph in a user-defined category. Please note that it is not necessary to place a saved graph in a category.

    Click 'Save Graph.'

    Graph Saved in Category GDP

  4. The graph 'Real GDP vs Industrial Production' has been saved. The graph can be viewed, edited, renamed, moved to a different category, or deleted.

    Saved Graph Options

  5. Clicking 'View/Edit' takes us back to the custom graph that was created in step 2:

    Return to Saved Graph

  6. When you next want to view your saved graphs, login to your user account. After logging in, you will be forwarded to the 'My Account' index page. Select the 'FRED Graph' link on this page to go to a list of your saved graphs.


The option to save customized graphs was added to allow users to quickly access graphs that they've customized in the past without having to recreate them every time they visit the site. In addition, saving graphs in your user account will provide you with the option of having your graphs updated as new data are added. Hopefully these new additions will prove beneficial.

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