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Using Adobe Acrobat (or Acrobat Reader) to import Monetary Trends, International Economic Trends, and National Economic Trends Graphics into Powerpoint presentations

  1. Locate the graphic that you want from one of the three publications. Set the magnification in Acrobat (or Acrobat Reader) to 300%

  2. Use the graphic select tool to draw a box around the graphic that you want to copy. Then copy the selected area to the clipboard (Ctrl-C). Note: the graphic select tool appears in different locations in various versions of Acrobat. The illustration here is from Acrobat 5.0. We have verified that this works with versions 4 and 5 of Acrobat Reader.

    Adobe Acrobat Screenshot

  3. Open a Powerpoint Window and paste the contents of the clipboard (Ctrl-V) into a blank slide. At 300% magnification you will get a nice crisp full slide graphic that does not require resizing.

    Adobe Acrobat Screenshot

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