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M.S. Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

B.A. Journalism
Loyola University Chicago

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-0836
Fax: (314) 444-8694

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Laura Taylor
Office: (314) 444-8783

Matthew Krc

Senior Digital Projects Librarian

Matthew Krc helps improve and maintain FRASER, the digital library of economic history. He has a background in digital library user interfaces and user experience as well as digital preservation, automation and emerging library technology.

Selected Publications

Fletcher, C. D., Krc, M. (2018) “The Emblemata Politica in Context: A New Approach to Digital Facsimiles of Emblem Books.” Emblematica: Essays in Word and Image. Volume 2.

Selected Presentations

Krc, M., Wolfe J. (2019) “Scalar in the Library: Multimodal Research Aids and Crowdsourcing Projects” University of Southern California Scalar Summer Institute. Los Angeles, CA. June 27, 2019.

Krc, M., Wolfe J. (2018) “Supporting Digital Humanities on a Shoestring.” Presented at the University of Southern California’s Digital Humanities + Libraries series. Los Angeles, CA. October 1, 2018.

Clarke, M., Krc, M., Wolfe, J. (2018) “Diversifying Your Crowdsourcing Portfolio with Open-Source Software.” Museums and the Web 2018. Vancouver, BC, Canada. April 18 – 21, 2018.

Clarke, M., Krc, M., Wolfe J. (2017) “Crowdsourcing, Curriculum, and Data Collection.” Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities & Computer Science. Chicago, IL. November 17 – 19, 2017.