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University of Missouri, St. Louis

B.A. English
Boston College

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-7320
Fax: (314) 444-8731

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Laura Taylor
Office: (314) 444-8783

George E. Fortier

Managing Editor, Research Publications

George Fortier is the manager of the Research Division publications group, a staff of two editors and one designer. Division publications include Review, Economic Synopses, Agricultural Finance Monitor, Page One Economics, FRED® Blog, the monthly Research Division newsletter, the briefing book, the board report, and a multitude of Economic Education material. He assesses and improves products, services, and content presented to internal and external audiences.

Federal Reserve Publications

"The Castaways Discover GDP Lesson"
with Mary Suiter and Scott Wolla
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Economic Education, 2019

"Sparking Joy: Can Economists Help with Happiness?"
with Christine Smith
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Open Vault Blog, June 5, 2019

"An Economist's Guide to Tidying Up"
with Christine Smith
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Open Vault Blog, May 29, 2019

"World Cup Fans in a World-Class Research Division"
with Christine Smith
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Open Vault Blog, June 13, 2018

"The Visible Hand: The Role of Government in China’s Long-Awaited Industrial Revolution"
with Yi Wen
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, Third Quarter 2016

Selected Presentations

Oct 9, 2019, Minneapolis Fed: "Blogging for the Fed: A Story of Hope" with Christine Smith (St. Louis Fed) and Ron Wirtz (Minneapolis Fed)

Oct 5, 2016, Philadelphia Fed: "Beginnings and Endings" with David Price (Richmond Fed) and Andrew Zajac (Cleveland Fed)

April 17, 2014, St. Louis Fed: "Writing It Right and Writers' Rights: An Interactive Discussion on Good Practices and Bad Rules"

Oct 9, 2013, Cleveland Fed: "The Psychology of Criticism—Delivering Subjective Edits to Authors"

Oct 3, 2012, Richmond Fed: "Interactives for the Web" with Monica Crabtree-Reusser (Cleveland Fed) and Lydia Johnson (St. Louis Fed)

Sep 24, 2008, New York Fed: "Substantive Editing: Getting to the Heart of the Matter" editorial seminar

Oct 3, 2007, Bank of Canada: "Evolving World of Economic Reviews" editorial seminar + data and citation presentation

Oct 5, 2005, Dallas Fed: "Stand and Deliver" editorial seminar

Oct 9, 2003, Philadelphia Fed: "Maintaining Consistent Editorial Practices" editorial seminar

Selected Publications

"Appellations," Snow Monkey, Spring 2008

"Holy Day," Pleiades, Fall 2008

"Eutectic Reaction," "Indirectly," and "Low Clouds," Triplopia, Winter 2007

"Crawford" and "Not Quite Sleeping Through This," The Potomac: Washington's Literary Review, 2006

"Twenty Lines Toward an Autobiography" and "The Matter," Cortland Review, 2006

"The Inherent Sadness of Disco," Sonora Review, 2006

"Women of the NICU," American Journal of Nursing, November 2005

"Measured Twice," MARGIE: The American Journal of Poetry, 2005

"Haunt," Paper Street, Spring 2005

"Prayer during a Storm," The Cape Rock, Sept 2005

"Let an Emptiness," Crab Creek Review, Spring/Summer 2004

Professional Memberships, Awards, Service

Chair of Federal Reserve System Editors & Designers Committee, 2013-15

Co-chair of Confluence, Federal Reserve System Joint Editors & Designers+WEDGE Conference, 2015

Phi Beta Kappa

Editorial Selection Committee, Natural Bridge literary journal, 2005-06

Advisory Council, St. Frances Cabrini Academy, 2002-07