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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review

A quarterly research journal intended for an economically informed but broad readership—from the undergraduate student to the PhD. In print and online.


What Should Central Banks Do?

Who Are the Self-Employed?


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 Vol. 82, No.5

Are Prime Rate Changes Asymmetric?


JULY/AUGUST 2000 Vol. 82 No. 4

Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Issues for the Millennium Round

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Economic Policy Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

President's Message

Toward WTO 2000: A Seattle Odyssey


Commentar on "Toward WTO 2000: A Seattle Odyssey"


Commentary on "The Next Round of Services Negotiations: Identifying Priorities and Options"


Commentary on "The Agricultural Negotiations: An Overflowing Agenda"


Commentary on "Potential Gains from Reducing Trade Barriers in Manufacturing Services and Agriculture"


Commentary on "International Labor Standards in the World Trade Organization and the International Labor Organization"


Commentary on "The WTO and Market-Supportive Regulation: A Way Forward on New Competition Technological and Labor Issues"


MAY/JUNE 2000 Vol. 82 No. 3

Nationwide Branch Banking and the Presence of Large Banks in Rural Areas

Programs and Data---Due to the size of the files please contact the Webmaster,, to request copies of the dataset and program files.

Real Output in Switzerland: New Estimates for 1914-47


MARCH/APRIL 2000 Vol. 82, No.2

The Revealed Cost of Unemployment

Feeding the National Account

The Evolution of Monetary Policy in Transition Economies


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2000 Vol. 82, No.1

State Exports and the Asian Crisis


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