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The "Rationality" of Survey-Based Inflation Forecasts

Monetary Aggregates as Monetary Indicators



The Lag From Money to Prices



The Russian Gain Embargo: Dubious Success

Rise and Fall of Interest Rates



Eurodollars and the U.S. Monetary Supply



APRIL 1980

The Formation of Inflation Expectations

Stabilization Policies: Lessons from the '70s and Implications for the '80s

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Economic Policy Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Section I: Stabilization Policies: Theoretical and Empirical Issues

Discussion of the Taylor Paper

Section II: Stabilization Policies: Critique of the '70s and Preview of the '80s

Discussion of the Levy and Meltzer Papers

Discussion of the Levy and Meltzer Papers

Section III: Stabilization Policies: International Aspects

Flexible Exchange Rates in the 1970s

Luncheon Address

Monetary Policy for the 1980s


MARCH 1980

The Dynamics and Estimation of Short-Run Money Demand




The Value-Added Tax—A Review of the Issues


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