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“The back story on front page economics.” These accessible essays cover the basics of economic topics, with a separate version for use in the classroom. Special “Focus on Finance” essays cover personal finance.

Posted 2018-03-01

Bitcoin: Money or Financial Investment?

by Scott A. Wolla

While many people have heard of Bitcoin, far fewer understand it. In short, Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows transactions independent of the banking system. Lately, many people are buying Bitcoin purely as a financial investment, hoping it will appreciate. So which is it—currency or financial asset? Read more about it in the March 2018 issue of Page One Economics©

Posted 2018-02-01

On the Move: Renting Basics

by Kris Bertelsen

There are many factors to consider when finding a place to rent. The February 2018 issue of Page One Economics®: Focus on Finance walks you through the process.

Posted 2018-01-02

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

by Scott A. Wolla

Robots are in the headlines, and many of us are wondering if they’ll also be taking over our jobs. Is the “Robot Apocalypse” upon us, or is this part of a larger trend that’s been occurring for much of human history? Find out by reading the January 2018 issue of Page One Economics©.

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