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“The back story on front page economics.” These accessible essays cover the basics of economic topics, with a separate version for use in the classroom. Special “Focus on Finance” essays cover personal finance.

Posted 2017-03-03

Smoothing the Path: Balancing Debt, Income, and Saving for the Future

by Scott A. Wolla

The life cycle model shows that saving for the future requires people to limit consumption during their working years and save so they will have a "nest egg" to draw on during retirement. Recent changes in how people save for retirement have shifted some responsibility from firms to individuals.

Posted 2014-09-01

Economics and the Environment

by Scott A. Wolla

How are economics and the environment related? The quick answer is that environmental quality is a worthy goal, but there is an economic trade-off—a clean environment does not come without costs. The September 2014 Page One Economics article, "Economics and the Environment", provides some economic strategies for protecting the environment.

Posted 2014-05-01

The Economics of Immigration: A Story of Substitutes and Complements

by Scott A. Wolla

America is a nation of immigrants, who currently make up about 13 percent of the overall population. The May 2014 issue of the Page One Economics Newsletter shows how immigration affects the average American. The essay weighs the costs and benefits of immigration and discusses the concept of immigrant workers as substitutes for and complements to native-born workers.

Posted 2014-03-01

Would Increasing the Minimum Wage Reduce Poverty?

by Scott A. Wolla

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office tackles that question in a new report and highlights the trade-off presented by increasing the minimum wage. This issue of the newsletter explains the debate and discusses whether other approaches may be more effective in helping alleviate poverty.

Posted 2014-01-01

The Rising Cost of College: Tuition, Financial Aid, and Price Discrimination

by Scott A. Wolla

The cost of a college education seems to be skyrocketing—but is it really? Learn about the concept of price discrimination and how it affects college costs.

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