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A Majority of Jobs in the Fed's Eighth District Could Face Automation

Even though the job market is strong, many people are nervous about whether or not they could be replaced by a computer or machine. 

A recent Regional Economist article by Sungki Hong and Hannah G. Shell looked at the likelihood of automation for jobs across the country and in the Federal Reserve's Eighth District headquartered in St. Louis. They found that 57 percent of jobs in the U.S. and 60 percent in the Eighth District are at risk of becoming automated. 

Although one potential outcome of automation is job loss and short-term increases in the unemployment rate, workers can choose to learn new skills for jobs that are more resistant to automation. Other recent research cited in the article has shown that jobs at most risk of being automated are focused on repetitive or simple tasks, such as transportation, logistics, and office work. Jobs that require technical expertise, persuasion, social intelligence, and creative intelligence are more resistant to automation.

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