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China Increases Its Innovation Efforts

China's technologies are diffusing rapidly throughout the world.

Last updated: 03-15-2019

China's Royalty Payments on the Rise

China’s royalty payments since 1999 have grown faster than its GDP. 

Last updated: 02-08-2019

Patent Growth in China: Quantity vs. Quality

China is quickly catching up with other global leaders in innovation, but still has a ways to go.

Last updated: 05-23-2018

FRASER History: The Fed Advocates for U.S. Loans to China

Leading up to World War II, the U.S. government provided credit to China for purchasing U.S. military goods.

Last updated: 05-16-2018

Measuring China’s Economic Growth

YiLi Chien and Paul Morris analyze the correlation between PMI and the GDP growth rate for the United States and China.

Last updated: 05-08-2018

Is China Buying Large Amounts of U.S. Treasuries?

An examination of who owns U.S. Treasuries and whether foreign investors are increasing their holdings.

Last updated: 05-08-2018

How Strong Is the Chinese Yuan?

An overview of why the People's National Bank of China boosted the yuan in 2017.

Last updated: 05-08-2018

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