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1. Save the pdf file from your browser to your harddrive.


2. Open the pdf file. Click and hold down the Text Select Tool icon on the tool bar; additional options will appear.

To copy text, select the Column Select Tool icon. A rectangle will appear around the cursor.

Abobe Tools text

To copy an image, select the Graphics Select Tool icon. Crosshairs will appear on the cursor.

Abobe Tools graphics

3. Drag the cursor around the text (image) you wish to copy.


4. Select Edit > Copy from the pull-down menu.


5. Go to the document in which the text (image) will be pasted. To paste, select Edit > Paste from the pull-down menu.

Note on the quality of graphic images: When an image is cut from a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat and then pasted into another software package (e.g., Microsoft Powerpoint or Word), the image may look blurry, ragged, or "grainy." In our experience, this frequently occurs if the pdf file was displayed at 100% when the image was copied. To improve image quality, select the image at a magnification that is easy to work with (75% to 100%) and then increase its magnification (200% or 400%) before you copy it. When you paste this image into another software package, the image will be quite large. As you shrink the image, the pattern of dots will condense and look less ragged.


If you wish to modify an image or save it as a bitmap file, from the Start menu in Windows®, select Program > Accessories > Paint . (Mac users: open a new document in Appleworks, Photoshop, or Illustrator.) To paste, select Edit > Paste from the pull-down menu.


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