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Charlies Data List

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Published data lists are economic time series data sets that users of this site have chosen to make publicly available. Possible uses include teachers sharing data lists with students and researchers including links to data lists in bibliographies.

Published: 2012-11-24

Series 1 - 24 of 24   

Title Series ID Vintage
Units Freq Seas
St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base BASE 2012-11-24 Bil. of $ BW SA 2012-11-23
Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items CPIAUCSL 2012-11-24 Index 1982-1984=100 M SA 2012-11-15
10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate DGS10 2012-11-24 % D NSA 2012-11-23
Real Disposable Personal Income DSPIC96 2012-11-24 Bil. of Chn. 2005 $ M SAAR 2012-10-29
Excess Reserves of Depository Institutions EXCRESNS 2012-11-24 Bil. of $ M NSA 2012-11-23
Effective Federal Funds Rate FEDFUNDS 2012-11-24 % M NSA 2012-11-13
Federal Surplus or Deficit [-] FYFSD 2012-11-24 Mil. of $ A NSA 2012-10-15
Gross Domestic Product GDP 2012-11-24 Bil. of $ Q SAAR 2012-10-26
Real Gross Domestic Product GDPC1 2012-11-24 Bil. of Chn. 2005 $ Q SAAR 2012-10-26
Real Potential Gross Domestic Product GDPPOT 2012-11-24 Bil. of Chn. 2005 $ Q NSA 2012-08-22
Federal Debt: Total Public Debt GFDEBTN 2012-11-24 Mil. of $ Q NSA 2012-09-07
10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate GS10 2012-11-24 % M NSA 2012-11-13
Housing Starts: Total: New Privately Owned Housing Units Started HOUST 2012-11-24 Thous. of Units M SAAR 2012-11-20
M1 Money Stock M1 2012-11-24 Bil. of $ W SA 2012-11-23
M2 Money Stock M2 2012-11-24 Bil. of $ W SA 2012-11-23
Velocity of M2 Money Stock M2V 2012-11-24 Ratio Q SA 2012-11-16
M1 Money Multiplier MULT 2012-11-24 Ratio BW SA 2012-11-23
All Employees: Total Nonfarm Payrolls PAYEMS 2012-11-24 Thous. of Persons M SA 2012-11-02
Real Personal Consumption Expenditures PCECC96 2012-11-24 Bil. of Chn. 2005 $ Q SAAR 2012-10-26
Smoothed U.S. Recession Probabilities RECPROUSM156N 2012-11-24 % M NSA 2012-10-30
St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index STLFSI 2012-11-24 Index W NSA 2012-11-21
3-Month Treasury Bill: Secondary Market Rate TB3MS 2012-11-24 % M NSA 2012-11-13
University of Michigan: Consumer Sentiment UMCSENT 2012-11-24 Index 1966:Q1=100 M NSA 2013-07-17
Civilian Unemployment Rate UNRATE 2012-11-24 % M SA 2012-11-02

Series 1 - 24 of 24   


Frequency (Freq)

A = Annual, SA = Semiannual, Q = Quarterly, M = Monthly, BW = Biweekly, W = Weekly, D = Daily, NA = Not Applicable

Seasonal Adjustment (Seas Adj)

SA = Seasonally Adjusted, NSA = Not Seasonally Adjusted, SAAR = Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, SSA = Smoothed Seasonally Adjusted, NA = Not Applicable

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