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Gibson County TN Scorecard

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Published: 2019-01-04

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Title Series ID Vintage
Units Freq Seas
Unemployment Rate in Gibson County, TN TNGIURN 2017-11-30 Percent Change M NSA 2017-12-29
Percent of Population Below the Poverty Level in Gibson County, TN S1701ACS047053 2017-02-03 Change, Percent A NSA 2017-02-10
People 25 Years and Over Who Have Completed an Associate's Degree or Higher (5-year estimate) in Gibson County, TN S1501ACSTOTAL047053 2019-01-04 Percent Change from Year Ago A NSA 2019-02-27
Mean Commuting Time for Workers (5-year estimate) in Gibson County, TN B080ACS047053 2018-12-06 Minutes A NSA 2018-12-07
Homeownership Rate (5-year estimate) for Gibson County, TN HOWNRATEACS047053 2018-12-06 Rate A NSA 2018-12-07
Equifax Subprime Credit Population for Gibson County, TN EQFXSUBPRIME047053 2019-02-07 Change from Year Ago, Percent Q NSA 2019-03-13
Burdened Households in Gibson County, TN DP04ACS047053 2017-12-07 % A NSA 2018-05-29

Series 1 - 7 of 7   


Frequency (Freq)

A = Annual, SA = Semiannual, Q = Quarterly, M = Monthly, BW = Biweekly, W = Weekly, D = Daily, NA = Not Applicable

Seasonal Adjustment (Seas Adj)

SA = Seasonally Adjusted, NSA = Not Seasonally Adjusted, SAAR = Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, SSA = Smoothed Seasonally Adjusted, NA = Not Applicable