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CECL Economic Drivers

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Published data lists are economic time series data sets that users of this site have chosen to make publicly available. Possible uses include teachers sharing data lists with students and researchers including links to data lists in bibliographies.

Published: 2018-10-15

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Title Series ID Vintage
Units Freq Seas
Consumer Price Index: Total All Items for the United States CPALTT01USM661S Current Index 2015=100 M SA 2020-09-15
Economic Conditions Index for Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX (MSA) (DISCONTINUED) DFWAGRIDX Current % M SAAR 2020-04-14
Homeownership Rate for Texas TXHOWN Current % A NSA 2020-03-10
Inflation, consumer prices for the United States FPCPITOTLZGUSA Current % A NSA 2020-03-03
Net County-to-County Migration Flow (5-year estimate) for Dallas County, TX NETMIGNACS048113 Current Persons A NSA 2020-09-03
Per Capita Personal Income in Texas TXPCPI Current $ A NSA 2020-03-24
Real Total Gross Domestic Product for Texas TXRGSP Current Mil. of Chn. 2012 $ A NSA 2020-04-07
Rental Vacancy Rate for Texas TXRVAC Current % A NSA 2020-03-10
Total Gross Domestic Product for Texas TXNGSP Current Mil. of $ A NSA 2020-04-07
Total Personal Income in Texas TXOTOT Current Mil. of $ Q SAAR 2020-06-23
Total Real Gross Domestic Product by Industry for Texas TXRQGSP Current Mil. of Chn. 2012 $ Q SAAR 2020-07-07
Total Real Gross Domestic Product for Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX (MSA) RGMP19100 Current Mil. of Chn. 2012 $ A NSA 2019-12-12
Unemployment Rate UNRATE Current % M SA 2020-09-04
Unemployment Rate in Dallas County, TX TXDALL3URN Current % M NSA 2020-09-02
Unemployment Rate in Texas TXUR Current % M SA 2020-09-18

Series 1 - 15 of 15   


Frequency (Freq)

A = Annual, SA = Semiannual, Q = Quarterly, M = Monthly, BW = Biweekly, W = Weekly, D = Daily, NA = Not Applicable

Seasonal Adjustment (Seas Adj)

SA = Seasonally Adjusted, NSA = Not Seasonally Adjusted, SAAR = Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, SSA = Smoothed Seasonally Adjusted, NA = Not Applicable