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The Rising Cost of College: Tuition, Financial Aid, and Price Discrimination

January 2014

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Classroom Edition

Dec 24, 2013 Student Loans

Inside the Vault, Vol. 18, Issue 1, Spring 2013
This issue of Inside the Vault looks at the surging student loan delinquency rate, education costs that continue to greatly outpace the inflation rate, and a 7.6 unemployment rate, all combining to challenge and frustrate the student loan system. The issue includes the article as well as Q&A for your students.

Dec 24, 2013 Personal Finance 101 Conversations

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Econ Lowdown.
In this series of three Episodes, Episode 14: FAFSA 101,
Episode 15: College Choice 101, and Episode 16,
Financial Aid 101
, students will what information
they’ll need on hand to complete the FAFSA application
quickly and accurately; how to choose a school and
a major; and how to navigate the seemingly endless
sea of financial-aid options, such as grants, scholarships, 
and loans.

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