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The Global Economy: It's a Small World After All

November 2013

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Classroom Edition

Nov 5, 2013 Comparative Advantage Online Course for Teachers and Students

In this course, designed for grades 9-12, you will meet Jack Of All Trades, a most awesome superhero. In all tasks, Jack can do everything better and faster (he has absolute advantage), but does that mean he must do everything while the rest of the people stand around helplessly? Find out if justice is served when a formerly idle citizen, Andy, wades through the depths of opportunity cost and the benefits of comparative advantage. This course is also available for whiteboard (SMART/.notebook).

Nov 5, 2013 Opportunity Cost – The Economic Lowdown Podcast Series

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis,
Economic Lowdown Podcast, Vol. 1, #1.
By Scott Wolla
This episode of The Economic Lowdown will introduce three topics in economics: choice, scarcity and opportunity cost.

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