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National Currency to US Dollar Exchange Rate: Average of Daily Rates for Germany©    
National Currency Units per US Dollar, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 1957:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Feb 3)
Annual 1957 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Imports: Value Goods for Germany©    
Inflation, consumer prices for Germany    
Percent, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1992 to 2013 (Sep 18)
Interest Rates, Discount Rate for Germany©    
Percent per Annum, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1957-01 to 1998-12 (2012-02-09)
Long-Term Government Bond Yields: Combined Terms for Germany©    
Percent, Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1956-05 to 2014-12 (Feb 3)
Quarterly 1956:Q3 to 2014:Q4 (Feb 3)
Annual 1957 to 2014 (Feb 3)
Percent of Employment in Manufacturing in Germany (DISCONTINUED)    
Percent, Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted1970 to 2012 (2013-06-10)
Bond Yields for Germany    
Percent Per Annum, Monthly, Not Seasonally Adjusted1870-01 to 1913-12 (2012-08-20)
Benchmarked Unit Labor Costs - Manufacturing for Germany©    
Exports of Goods and Services in Germany©    
Harmonized Unemployment Rate: All Persons for Germany©    
Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted 1992:Q1 to 2012:Q1 (2012-07-19)
Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted 1991-12 to 2012-04 (2012-07-19)
Annual, Not Seasonally Adjusted 1991 to 2011 (2012-07-19)
Hourly Earnings: Manufacturing for Germany©    

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