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999 Series

Seasonally Adjusted
Seasonally Adjusted
Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted
Growth Rate Same Period Previous Year 1962:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Apr 3)
Chained 2000 National Currency Units 1981:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Apr 3)
Growth Rate Previous Period 1961:Q2 to 2014:Q4 (Apr 3)
Index 2010=1 1961:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Apr 3)
Billions of Euros, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1995:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Apr 3)
Percent, Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted1992-01 to 2015-03 (Apr 29)
Millions of Chained 2005 Euros, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1991:Q1 to 2014:Q2 (2014-10-01)
US Dollars, Monthly Level, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1968:Q2 to 2014:Q2 (2015-01-05)
Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted
US Dollars, Monthly Level 1958:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Jun 9)
National currency, Monthly Level 1955:Q1 to 2014:Q4 (Jun 9)
Percent, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted1992:Q1 to 2015:Q1 (Jun 9)
Seasonally Adjusted
Seasonally Adjusted

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