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Monthly National Population Estimates (1)
Money Zero Maturity (MZM) (5)
Monetary Services Index (MSI) (27)
M2 Related Series (3)
Long-Term U.S. Treasury Securities - Market Yield (1)
Monthly Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (30)
Weekly Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (41)
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (55)
St. Louis Monthly Reserves and Monetary Base (12)
St. Louis Bi-Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base (13)
Fiscal Year Budget Data (5)
Transitional Euro Country Exchange Rates (11)
Selected Real Retail Sales Series (2)
Seasonal Credit Rate (1)
St. Louis Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base (1)
M2 Own Rate (1)
Annual Estimates of the Population of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (14)
Unemployment in States and Local Areas (all other areas) (6,318)
Annual Estimates of the Population for the U.S. and States, and for Puerto Rico (73)
Annual Estimates of the Population for Counties (3,161)
H.6 Historical Data (6)
H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (data not included in press release) (3)
BEA Regions Employment and Unemployment (32)
Metropolitan Area Per Capita Personal Income (389)
State Government Tax Collections (1,440)
Residential Vacancies and Homeownership Annual Statistics (156)
Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits (358)
State Per Capita Personal Income (59)
Health Insurance Coverage (320)
BEA Regions Health Insurance Coverage (45)
Australian Foreign Exchange Transactions (2)
German Foreign Exchange Intervention (2)
Italian Foreign Exchange Intervention (1)
Swiss Foreign Exchange Intervention (4)
Turkish Foreign Exchange Intervention (1)
U.S. Foreign Exchange Intervention (6)
House Price Index (520)
Japan Foreign Exchange Intervention (4)
BEA Regions Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits (16)
Mexican Foreign Exchange Intervention (1)
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (240)
Interest on Required Balances and Excess Balances (4)
St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index (1)
Standard & Poors (1)
Money Velocity (3)
Wilshire Indexes (39)
Dow Jones Averages (4)
CBOE Market Statistics (20)
International Indexes of Consumer Prices (30)
International Unemployment Rates and Employment Indexes (39)

Releases 1 - 50 of 211   1  2  3  4  5 Next » 

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