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Daniel L. Thornton

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Missouri-Columbia

M.S. Economics
Arizona State University

B.A. Economics
Parsons College

Daniel L. Thornton


"Bank Money, Net Wealth and the Real-Balance Effect"
Journal of Macroeconomics, Winter 1983, 5(1), pp. 105-17.

"The Long-Run and Short-Run Demand for Money: Additional Evidence"
Journal of Macroeconomics, Summer 1982, 4(3), pp. 325-38.

"Maximum Likelihood Estimates of a Partial Adjustment-Adaptive Expectations Model of the Demand for Money"
The Review of Economics and Statistics, May 1982, 64(2), pp. 325-29.

"Bank Money as Net Wealth: A Comment"
Atlantic Economic Journal, December 1981, 9(4), pp. 43-5.

"The Empirical Significance of the Real Balance Effect"
with Paul E. Smith
Journal of Macroeconomics, Summer 1980, 2(3), pp. 213-32.

"In-Service Education and its Effects on Secondary Students: A New Approach"
with George M. Vredeveld

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Journal of Economic Education, Spring 1977, 8(2), pp. 93-9.