Robert H. Rasche

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Michigan

A.M. Economics
University of Michigan

B.A. Economics & Mathematics
Yale University

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Robert H. Rasche

Working Papers

"Inflation in the G7: Mind the Gap(s)?"
with James Morley and Jeremy M. Piger
Working Paper 2011-011A, posted April 2011.

"Analysis of Panel Vector Error Correction Models Using Maximum Likelihood, the Bootstrap, and Canonical-Correlation Estimators"
with Richard G. Anderson and Hailong Qian
Working Paper 2006-050A, posted August 2006.

"The Remarkable Stability of Monetary Base Velocity in the United States,1919-1999"
with Richard G. Anderson
Working Paper 2001-008A, posted August 2001.

"Identification of Dynamic Economic Models from Reduced Form VECM Structures: An Application of Covariance"
Working Paper 2000-011B, posted 2000, updated May 2001.

"The Domestic Adjusted Monetary Base"
with Richard G. Anderson
Working Paper 2000-002A, posted January 2000.

"Construction of an Estimated Domestic Monetary Base Using New Estimates of Foreign Holdings of US Currency"
with Richard G. Anderson
Working Paper 1997-019A, posted 1997.

"STLS/US-VECM 6.1: A Vector Error-Correction Forecasting Model of the US Economy"
with Dennis Hoffman
Working Paper 1997-008A, posted January 1997.

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