Robert H. Rasche

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Ph.D. Economics
University of Michigan

A.M. Economics
University of Michigan

B.A. Economics & Mathematics
Yale University

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Robert H. Rasche

Shadow Open Market Committee Position Papers

March 15-16, 1998, "Contemporaneous versus Lagged Reserve Accounting: Issue or Nonissue for Monetary Policy?"

March 2-3, 1997, "Recent Behavior of Various Monetary Aggregates"

September 1996, "Opportunistic Approach to Disinflation"

March 1996, "A Note on the Behavior of Interest Rate Spreads in Expansions and Near Cyclical Peaks in the U.S."

September 1995, "How Useful and Reliable is the Unemployment Rate in Forecasting Inflation?"

March 1995, "Monetary Aggregates"

September 1994, "Recent Behavior of M2"

March 1994, "Public Disclosure and Deliberation"

September 1992, "Monetary Aggregates and Monetary Policy"

March 1992, "Some Issues in the Interpretation of Recent Monetary Policy"

September 29-30, 1991, "Recent Behavior of Monetary Aggregates"

March 3-4, 1991, "Modernization of the Financial System" and "Some Observations on Recent Changes in Reserve Requirements"

September 30, 1990, "Recent Growth of Monetary Aggregates"

September 17-18, 1989, "P*Type Models: Evaluation and Forecasts"

March 19-20, 1989, "Recent Monetary Policy Actions and Economic Activity and Some Evidence on the Elusive 1982 Shift in Velocity Drift"

September 18-19, 1988, "Recent Behavior of Monetary Base Velocity"

March 13-14, 1988, "Monetary Aggregates and Economic Activity"

September 13-14, 1987, "Recent Behavior of M1 Velocity"

March 8-9, 1987, "An Update on Velocity Behavior"

September 21-22, 1986, "Time Series Analysis of Velocity Concepts"

March 16-17, 1986, "Multiplier Forecasts and the Velocities of Various M's"

September 21-22, 1985, "Recent Behavior of the Monetary Aggregates and Multiplier Forecasts for 1985-86"

March 24-25, 1985, "Forecasts of Money Multipliers for 1985"

September 1984, "Forecasts of Money Multipliers for 1984-85"

March 1984, "Forecasts of Money Multipliers for 1984"

September 18-19, 1983, "Analysis and Forecasts of Money Multiplier Behavior, 1982-84"

March 6-7, 1983, "Chicken Little and the Monetary Aggregates"

September 12-13, 1982, "Forecasting Multipliers in the 80's: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same"

March 14-15, 1982, "The Behavior of the Monetary Aggregates: The Predictability of the Past and Some Prognostications for the Future"

September 13-14, 1981, "Forecasting Multipliers for the "New-New" Monetary Aggregates"

March 1981, "Updated Forecasts of Money Multipliers"

September 21-22, 1980, "The Construction and Forecasting of Money Multipliers for the New Monetary Aggregates"

February 3-4, 1980, "Money Multiplier Forecasts"

September 16-17, 1979, "Updated Forecasts of Money Multipliers"

March 11-12, 1979, "Money Multiplier Forecasts for 1979"

September 10-11, 1978, "Recent Financing of Treasury Deficits"

March 12-13, 1978, "Financing the Government Deficit"

September 19, 1977, "Financing the Government Deficit"

March 8, 1976, "Past, Current and Future Fiscal Policy Developments"

March 1975, "Future Fiscal Policy Actions"

September 1974, "The Current State of Budget Estimates"