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Kevin L. Kliesen

Business Economist and Research Officer


M.A. Economics
Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado

B.S. Agricultural Business
Colorado State University

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-8583
Fax: (314) 444-8731

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries contact:
Matuschka Briggs
Phone: (314) 444-3795

Economic Data

"Measuring Financial Market Stress"
with Douglas C. Smith
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Synopses, 2010, No. 2.
—The St. Louis Fed's Financial Stress Index (STLFSI):Appendix | Data

Other Publications, Book Reviews, and Edited Volumes

"Chairman of the Fed: William McChesney Martin, Jr. and the Creation of the American Financial System"
by Robert P. Bremner, 2004
Business Economics, July 2005, pp. 61-62.

Wall Street to Main Street: Charles Merrill and Middle Class Investors,
by Edwin J. Perkins, 1999, Business Economics, October 1999, pp. 92-94.

Central Banking in Theory and Practice,
by Alan S. Blinder, Central Banking, November 1998, pp. 72-75.

Taxing Ourselves: A Citizen's Guide to the Great Debate Over Tax Reform,
by Joel Slemrod and Jon Bakija, 1996, Business Economics, July 1997, pp. 74-74.

Frontiers of Tax Reform,
Edited by Michael J. Boskin, 1996, National Tax Journal, June 1997, pp. 375-379.

"Deficit? What Deficit?"
with Laurence J. Kotlikoff, The Weekly Standard, April 28, 1997, pp. 16-18.

Getting It Right: Markets and Choices in a Free Society,
by Robert J. Barro, 1996, Business Economics, October 1996, pp. 70-71.

An Economic Record of Presidential Performance: From Truman to Bush,
by Richard J. Carroll, 1995; Presidential Economics: The Making of Economic Policy From Roosevelt to Clinton, 3rd Revised Edition, by Herbert Stein, 1994, Business Economics, July 1996, pp. 69-70.

"A Single Goal For The Fed, Price Stability, Makes Sense," Knight Ridder Financial News, May 8, 1995.

"Diagnosing Health-Care Reform" with John A. Tatom, The Journal of Commerce, September 30, 1994.

"Those Telltale Commodity Prices," The Journal of Commerce, September 5, 1994.

"Economics of Natural Disasters," The Journal of Commerce, June 3, 1994.

"NAFTA Failure Would Be Costly To Many," St. Louis, Post-Dispatch, November 12, 1993.

"Root Out Farm Subsidies," St. Louis, Post-Dispatch, March 4, 1992.

Recent Commentary

"Q & A with Kevin Kliesen"
Illinois Business Journal, June 2010.


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