R. Alton Gilbert

Standard Vita



Ph.D. Economics
Texas A&M University

B.A. Economics
Lamar University

Contact Info

Email: thepillar.economics@gmail.com

R. Alton Gilbert

Vice President and Banking Economics Advisor

Major Research Interest

Effects of regulation on financial institutions, including microeconomic effects and implications for macroeconomic policies.

Books and Conference Proceedings

"Can Feedback From the Jumbo CD Market Improve Off-Site Surveillance of Community Banks?"
with A. Meyer and M. Vaughan
in G. Kaufman, ed., Prompt Corrective Action Ten Years Latter, New York, JAI/Elsevier Press, 2002, 14, Part I.

"Comments on Financial Reform and Stability: Systemic Issues"
The Asian Regional Seminar
Hyderabad, India - March 29-31, 2001

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Academic Journals

"Reducing the Risk at Small Community Banks: Is it Size or Geographic Diversification that Matters?"
with William R. Emmons and Timothy J. Yeager
Journal of Financial Services Research, April 2004, 25(2-3), pp. 259-81.

"New Evidence on the Fed's Productivity in Providing Payments Services"
with David C. Wheelock, and Paul W. Wilson
Journal of Banking and Finance, September 2004, 28(9), pp. 2175-90.

"Do Depositors Care about Enforcement Actions?"
with Mark D. Vaughan
The Journal of Economics and Business, March/June 2001, 53(2/3), pp. 283-311.

"Effects of Federal Reserve Services on the Efficiency of the System for Collecting Checks in the United States: 1915-30."
Explorations in Economic History, April 2000, 37(2), pp. 121-48.
Published under the title "The Advent of the Federal Reserve and the Efficiency of the Payments System: The Collection of Checks, 1915-30"

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Review Articles

"Big Banks in Small Places: Are Community Banks Being Driven Out of Rural Markets?"
with David C. Wheelock
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, May/June 2013 95(3), pp. 199-218

"The Future of Community Banks: Lessons from Banks That Thrived During the Recent Financial Crisis"
with Andrew P. Meyer, and James W. Fuchs
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, March/April 2013 95(2), pp. 115-143

"Federal Reserve Lending to Troubled Banks During the Financial Crisis, 2007-2010"
with Kevin L. Kliesen, Andrew P. Meyer, and David C. Wheelock
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, May/June 2012 94(3), pp. 221-242

"Measuring Commercial Bank Profitability: Proceed with Caution"
with David C. Wheelock
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, November/December 2007, 89(6), pp. 515-32.

"Banking Antitrust: Are the Assumptions Still Valid?"
with Adam M. Zaretsky
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, November/December 2003, 85(6), pp. 29-52.

"Editor's Introduction to the Proceedings of the Twenty - Seventh Annual Economic Policy Conference"
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, July/August 2003, 85(4), pp. 3-6.

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Other Federal Reserve Publications

"Can Feedback from the Jumbo-CD Market Improve Bank Surveillance?"
with Andrew P. Meyer and Mark D. Vaughan
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly, Spring 2006, 92(2), pp. 135-75.

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