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Maria E. Canon



Ph.D. Economics
University of Rochester

M.A. Economics
University of Rochester

Licentiate Economics
Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

Contact Info

Phone: (314) 444-7409
Fax: (314) 444-8731

Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166-0442

For media inquiries, contact:
Karen Mracek
Phone: (314) 444-3911

Journal Publications

"Flows To and From Working Part Time for Economic Reasons and the Labor Market Aggregates During and After the 2007-09 Recession "
with Marianna Kudlyak, Guannan Luo, and Marisa Reed
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly, Vol. 100, No. 2, pp. 87-111

"Reversal of Gender Gaps in Child Development: Evidence from Young Children in India"
with Florencia Lopez Boo
Economic Letters, 2014, Vol. 124, No. 1, pp. 55-59
Working Paper