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Ana Babus

Research Fellow

Contact Info

Fax: (314) 444-8731

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Ana Babus

Research Fellow

Journal Publications

"Markets for Financial Innovation"
with  Kinda Hachem
Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming

"The Optimal Allocation of Covid-19 Vaccines"
with  Sanmay Das and  SangMok Lee
Economics Letters, forthcoming

"Strategic Fragmented Markets"
with  Cecilia Parlatore
Journal of Financial Economics, 2022, Vol. 145, pp. 876-908

"Regulation and Security Design in Concentrated Markets"
with  Kinda Hachem
Journal of Monetary Economics, 2021, Vol. 121, pp. 139-51

with  Peter Kondor and  Yilin Wang
Econometrica, 2020, Vol. 88, pp. 2221-28

"Trading and Information Diffusion in Over-the-Counter Markets"
with  Peter Kondor
Econometrica, 2018, Vol. 86, pp. 1727-69

"Endogenous Intermediation in Over-the-Counter Markets"
with  Tai-Wei Hu
Journal of Financial Economics, 2017, Vol. 125, pp. 200-15

"The Formation of Financial Networks"."
RAND Journal of Economics, 2016, Vol. 47, pp. 239-72

"Asset Commonality, Debt Maturity and Systemic Risk"
with  Franklin Allen and  Elena Carletti
Journal of Financial Economics, 2012, Vol. 104, pp. 519-34

"Global Stochastic Properties of Dynamic Models and their Approximations"
with  Casper de Vries
Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 2010, Vol. 34, pp. 817-24