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FRASER® API - ListSets


This request returns the set structure for records in the FRASER repository. A maximum of 100 records per request is returned. A resumptionToken can be used to retrieve the complete set structure using multiple requests.



A flow control is token returned by a previous request that issued an incomplete list. Use this parameter to retrieve the next set of 100 results. A resumptionToken is not needed for the first request.


Request (HTTPS GET)


<OAI-PMH xmlns="">
    <request verb="ListSets"></request>
            <setName>King, George Harold, 1920-1994</setName>
            <setName>Mitchell, George Wilder, 1904-1997</setName>
            <setName>Heller, H. Robert (Heinz Robert), 1940-</setName>
            <setName>Moehlenpah, Henry A.</setName>
        <resumptionToken expirationDate="2016-11-09T16:07:41Z" completeListSize="1797" cursor="100">1478707661:100</resumptionToken>