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FRASER® API - ListRecords


This request returns title records from the FRASER repository. A maximum of 100 records per request is returned. A resumptionToken can be used to retrieve all records using multiple requests.

Additional information about an individual title, including the title's child records, can be retrieved using the GetRecord request.



This parameter specifies the metadata format that should be used in the response. The supported metadata formats can be retrieved using the ListMetadataFormats request. The FRASER repository currently supports only the MODS metadata format.


This parameter specifies the setSpec value and limits the records that are retrieved to only those in the specified set. Ignore this parameter to return all records.


A flow control token is returned by a previous request that issued an incomplete list. Use this parameter to retrieve the next set of 100 results. A resumptionToken is not needed for the first request.


Request (HTTPS GET)


<OAI-PMH xmlns="">
    <request verb="ListRecords" metadataPrefix="mods"></request>
                <mods default:xsi="" default:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:default="">
                        <namePart>Federal Reserve Bank of New York</namePart>
                    <note type="public">An account of the history of the Federal Reserve System in general and of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.</note>
                            <theme>Federal Reserve Bank of New York</theme>
                            <topic>Federal Reserve banks</topic>
                    <abstract>This pamphlet, published in 1964 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve Banks, briefly documents the early history of the 2nd District Bank of the Federal Reserve System.</abstract>
                        <subTitle>50th Anniversary Publication</subTitle>
                    <identifier type="oclc">20860421</identifier>
                        <dateIssued>December 1964</dateIssued>
                        <recordUpdatedDate>2016-06-27 13:38:49</recordUpdatedDate>
                        <recordCreationDate>2011-04-20 15:50:18.903742</recordCreationDate>
                        <extent>24 pages</extent>
                        <digitalOrigin>reformatted digital</digitalOrigin>
                        <url access="preview"></url>
                    <accessCondition>For more information on rights relating to this item, please see:;filepath=/docs/publications/frbny/frbny_50anniversary.pdf</accessCondition>
        <resumptionToken expirationDate="2016-07-23T18:47:02Z" completeListSize="2698" cursor="100">1469299622:100</resumptionToken>

See the MODS Description of Elements for descriptions of the individual metadata fields.