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FRASER® API - GetRecord


This request returns a single record from the FRASER repository.



This parameter specifies the metadata format that should be used in the response. The supported metadata formats can be retrieved using the ListMetadataFormats request. The FRASER repository currently supports only the MODS metadata format.

identifier (required)

A unique identifier for the record you are requesting. Identifiers can be found using the ListRecords and ListIdentifiers requests. The identifier parameter is required.


Request (HTTPS GET)


<OAI-PMH xmlns="">
    <request verb="GetRecord" metadataPrefix="mods"></request>
                <mods default:xsi="" default:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:default="">
                        <namePart>United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance</namePart>
                    <note type="public">Issued in eight numbered parts, each with separate t.p. Paged continuously.</note>
                    <note type="public">Issued also in single volume. (v, 1239 p.).</note>
                    <genre>government publication</genre>
                            <theme>Great Depression</theme>
                            <theme>Meltzer's History of the Federal Reserve - Primary Sources</theme>
                            <topic>Economic conditions</topic>
                            <geographic>United States</geographic>
                        <title>Investigation of Economic Problems</title>
                        <subTitle>Hearings Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Seventy-Second Congress, Second Session, Pursuant of S. Res. 315, Authorizing and Directing the Finance Committee to Make an Investigation and Study of the Present Economic Problems of the United States with a View to Securing Constructive Suggestions with Respect to the Solution of Such Problems</subTitle>
                    <identifier type="oclc">4350587</identifier>
                        <dateIssued>February 13-28, 1933</dateIssued>
                        <recordUpdatedDate>2016-05-31 10:36:10</recordUpdatedDate>
                        <recordCreationDate>2010-12-23 10:01:44.612202</recordCreationDate>
                    <classification authority="sudocs">Y 4.F 49:Ec 7/</classification>
                        <extent>1246 pages</extent>
                        <digitalOrigin>reformatted digital</digitalOrigin>
                        <url access="preview"></url>
                    <accessCondition>For more information on rights relating to this item, please see:</accessCondition>

See the MODS Description of Elements for descriptions of the individual metadata fields.

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