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What Do Our Customers Have to Say About Us?


"I just want to say 'Thank You' for the good job you're doing! Keep on innovating."

"FRED is a savior."

"I'm a huge fan of FRED--best site for macro data anywhere!"

"The best around. You do great work."

"I have been using FRED for years, back to the 800 baud days. It keeps getting better and better, and the recent features you've added to the graphing are really terrific. Thanks so much for your efforts."

"FRED has saved my life more than once."

This is the best data service in the world. My students use FRED all the time. It's our main source of data. Good data. Keep up the good work.""


"Many thanks to the Federal Reserve Library of St. Louis for the digitizing they are doing! They are doing us all a great service. I often consult FRASER for digitized documents and I recommend it highly to our users."

"FRASER is a tremendously valuable resource, really outstanding!"

"I have no words to thank you! It will really help me!"

"the government debt collection on FRASER is timely and phenomenal!"

Data Publications

"I haven't subscribed long, but I'm very impressed with the quality of the St. Louis Fed's work. It is done at a nice, casual level, and most importantly, most articles can be told through a glance at Figure 1. Keep up the great work!"

"I've been reading your reports for over fifty years. They are excellent ... Thank you and the staff for all the great research over the years."


[The St. Louis Fed Review is] "Consistently one of the two best FRB publications."

"The FRB St. Louis Review has been my first source for monetary policy papers for over 20 years."

Economic Education

"Continue with the smart board and video lessons. Interactive lessons are fantastic!"

"it was great! I've been to two or three [workshops] now and you guys are awesome!"

"excellent! keep up the good work!"


"The Liber8 Economic Newsletter is an excellent resource on the issues of the day. This tool is timely, relevant and useful."

"Awesome lessons -- simple and short -- doesn't eat through our limited copy ration, has questions to print on the back of the article and hand out to students, and then has the teacher guide and answers, too. THANK YOU!!"

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