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The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States at St. Louis, the China Society for Finance & Banking, the PBC School of Finance and the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, Beijing, are organizing the 2016 annual conference series on global finance and monetary policy, to be held at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, May 21-22, 2016. Our goal is to get together some academic economists and policy makers from the People’s Bank of China and the Federal Reserve System to discuss financial and monetary policy issues relevant to the current global economic situation. We will have a policy panel discussions and a set of papers presented at an academic session, with discussants, over the 2-day conference, and a panel discussion by central bankers.

Local Organizers:

  • Chong-en Bai, Tsinghua University
  • Hao Zhou, Tsinghua University
  • Stephen Williamson, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • Yi Wen, St. Louis Fed and Tsinghua University

Questions? Email: