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November 3-4, 2016

Mark Bayles
FRED and GeoFRED Update

Hannah Shell
FREDcast: A Forecasting Game for College Classroom

Denise Washington
Internships at the St. Louis Fed

Kim Holder
Using Rockonomix to Teach the Next Generation

Kevin Kliesen
Five Things You Should Know about the U.S. Economy

Stephen Williamson
Low Inflation, Phillips Curves, and Neo-Fisherism

Carlos Asarta
Teaching Digital-minded Students

Concurrent Sessions

Max Gillman
Using Historical Perspective of Keynesian vs. Neoclassical Macro in Teaching Principles

Anthony Zambelli
Using Public Choice Theory to Teach about Fiscal Policy and the National Debt

Gail Heyne Hafer
Retesting the Test: Engaging Students with Post-Test Feedback

Kathleen Yu
Professional Development Capstone Course: Bridging Success in the Classroom to Success in the Workplace

Richard Ball
Project TIER: Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research

David Mahon
Exploring Inequality Using Resources from the Federal Reserve and Survey of Consumer Finances

Natalia Smirnova and Ana-Maria Ichim
Applied Economic Research: Integration for a Changing Economy

Diego Mendez-Carbajo
Teaching with Data: FRED in Introductory Economics

Heather Chapman and Katie Lotz
Increasing Student Success through Online Media

Dawn Drake
Teaching Economic Geography Using Case Studies

Humberto Barreto
Let’s Put Demography Back into Economics: Population Pyramids in Excel

Patrick Costello and Brian Habacivch
Improving Students Economic Understanding of the Oil and Gas Exploration Shale Revolution in the United States

Eric Abrams and John Watters
Pizza and Beer – Using Interesting Industries to Teach Economics

Mary Suiter and Mark Bayles
EconLowdown Teaching Resources for the College Classroom

Brian Speicher
Effective Use of Game Theory and Experiments to Engage Students

Brian Lynch
Making Economics Engaging